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Eva C


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Ha nacido en América
Things we didn't see comingSteven AMSTERDAMactivaactivainactivainactiva02/01/2013 
American born author. The book takes place in a somber - not too distant future.

Ha nacido en Europa
Underground timeDelphine de Viganactivaactivainactivainactiva06/01/2013 
French author. Descrbes in a very convinsing manner the dynamic in a workplace with a boss who demands absolute loyalty.

Escribe en una lengua que desconozcas
Varför kom du inte före kriget?Lizzie DORONactivaactivainactivainactiva24/01/2013 
Author from Israel, who writes in Hebrew. Short stories about her mother - a survivor from the holocost.

Nunca has leído ninguna obra
Swimming homeDeborah LEVYactivaactivaactivainactiva30/01/2013 
A wonderful book by an author I haven't read before. It follows a small group of people during a few days/weeks on the French riviera.

Ha nacido en la misma ciudad que tú
Kaddish på motorcykelLeif ZERNactivaactivainactivainactiva04/02/2013 
Short novel which lovingly describes the father of the author.

Ha muerto hace más de 50 años
Daisy MillerHenry JAMESactivaactivaactivainactiva27/02/2013 
A real classic by Henry James. Read by generations.

Autor de bestseller
StålSilvia AVALONactivaactivainactivainactiva14/03/2013 
This book - Steel - has become a real bestseller in many countries. Perhaps a surprise to many - but the troubled friendship between the two teenage girls might be the reason for the sucess.

Ha nacido el mismo año que tú
Toutes les choses qu'on ne s'est pas ditesMarc LEVYactivainactivainactivainactiva07/04/2013 
It proved to be quite difficult to find an author born the same year as me. Marc Levy is a real bestseller and I suspected I wouldn't like to book - and I didn't. But I was surprised by how easy it was to read it in French. Nice, straightforward language!

Ha nacido en Oceanía
The secret history of modernismC.K. STEADactivaactivainactivainactiva18/04/2013 
The title promised more than it kept. But a rather nice book, nevertheless.

Ha nacido en Asia
Ta hand om min morKyung-Sook Shinactivaactivaactivainactiva30/04/2013 
A wonderful book - translated to many languages - about a mother who gets lost at Seoul's central station. Once she's not any longer there the different members of her family realise how important she has been - and how little they know her as a person.

Tiene las mismas iniciales que tú
America, AmericaEthan CANINactivaactivainactivainactiva17/05/2013 
I 've loved the other books I've read by Ethan Canin. This book a little bit less so, but strangely enough the characters and the story in this book left a stong inpression and will probably stay longer with me than the other books by him.

Ha nacido en África
AgaatMarlene van NIEKERKactivaactivaactivaactiva10/07/2013 
A truly wonderful book! I just couldn't put it down. I begin to understand those who start to re-read it as soon as the've finish it. The book can be read in so many ways, the interpretation and understanding of the main characters are as far from one-dimensional they could be. As a bonus the the complex issue of apartheid and post-apartheid South Africa is there as und undercurrent in the whole book.

Autor de novela gráfica / cómic
Prins Charles känslaLiv STRÖMQVISTactivaactivaactivainactiva09/08/2013 
Feminist BD with a LOT of sharp humour.

Autor de vida poco ejemplar
Under the volcanoMalcolm LOWRYactivaactivaactivainactiva13/08/2013 
Modernist classic with the hard drinking consul in the center. Lowrys insights in the drunken mind are undisputable, but ther are many other qualities to the book explaining why its found on so many canon lists.

Ha publicado su primera obra en 2013
The marrying of Chani KaufmanEve HARRISactivaactivaactivainactiva23/08/2013 
Impressive novel by the debutant Eve Harris. No wonder that this high spirited book about London's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community was long-listed for the Man Booker prize 2013.

Ha ganado un premio Nobel de literatura
a friend of Kafka and other short storiesIsaac Bashevis SINGERactivaactivaactivainactiva06/09/2013 
Wonderful short stories from this beloved nobel prize winner.

Autor de no-ficción
The Fighter: Essays Tim PARKSactivaactivaactivaactiva20/09/2013 
Great essays - giving wonderful introductions and comments on important writers and interesting subjects.

Clásico que tengas pendiente
Underjordisk dagbokFjodor Dostojevskijactivaactivaactivainactiva10/10/2013 
A real classic. Groundbreaking and provoking.

De la lista recomendada de autores
MiddlesexJeffrey Eugenidesactivaactivainactivainactiva07/11/2013 
I've had Middlesex on my bookshelf for a while now - so it is good that I got a push to read it. However, I didn't enjoy it as much as I've hoped...

Nunca fue publicado en vida
A Confederacy of DuncesJohn Kennedy Tooleactivaactivainactivainactiva12/11/2013 
Nowadays a classic in US, but not published during the life of John Kennedy Toole. Not really to my liking - but then I'm not much of a fan of picaresque novels.

Le guste mucho a tu padre
Röde OrmFrans G BENGTSONactivaactivaactivainactiva18/11/2013 
This book is a favorite om many Swedish men (of the same generation as my father). I have to admit that it was a great book in its genre (adventure, historical setting).

Académico de la lengua
Vänner bland de dödaLars GUSTAVSSONactivaactivaactivainactiva25/11/2013 
Short - but sharp! Splendid and inspiring essays (covering a vast field of writers and genres).

Autor que te dé rabia
JackUlf LUNDELLactivainactivainactivainactiva13/12/2013 
Jack was, when was published 1976, considered as the book of its generation and a formidable comercial success. Reading it now, in late 2013, it is clear that time hasn't been kind to it. It might be a testemony to the late 70s, but never a classic.

Comprometido política y/o socialmente
OblivionHéctor ABAD Faciolinceactivaactivainactivainactiva23/12/2013 
A memoir to the author's beloved father, but also a witness of Colombia's violent history. Hector Abad's father was murdered by the paramilitaries and Abad himself was threatened with death and had to fly to Europe. My only problem with the book is that I don't like the memoir genre...